Soverato, the "Pearl of the Ionian Sea" is one of the most famous touristic resorts of the Ionian shores and the entire Calabria, genuine queen of the Suillace Gulf, it combines the enchantment of an overbearing nature beauty and the efficiency of the touristic structures. The town, founded by the Sicilians with the name of Poliporto, entered very soon under the sphere of influence of the Greek town Skylletion and shared its fate. Very touching is the ancient medieval suburb whose superb ruins, abandoned by the population after the 1783 earthquake, still remain.
The Hippocampus Bay - The Soverato bay is placed nerly at the center of the wide Squillace Gulf. A few ten meters from the shore the depth is deep. This way it becomes a small cove where Hippocampi harbour and reproduct themselves. The hippocampus, known and loved with the name of "Sea Horse", is often mentioned in Greek literature as a simble of loyalty. According to experts opinion, the presence of Hippocampi proves the existence of a marine environment that has not been harmed, under an ecological point of view.
SOVERATO, sunrise's colors
Charles V Tower - The tower, formerly called the Tower of St. Mary Poliporto, today the Tower of Charles V, was built following the raids of the Turks (XVI century).
The Procession on the sea - The procession is held annually the second Sunday in August, in honor of "Madonna of Porto Salvo"
SOVERATO, the sea
The Pietà of Gagini - The sculpture, dated 1521, is the work of the Sicilian artist Antonello Gagini.
The "Pietà" is a sculpture in white marble and representes theVirgin having in her lap the dying Christ. The sculpture is in the church of "Addolorata" in Soverato Superiore.